2016 FFG Canadian National Championships

The first event that VTTV Live will provide coverage for is the 2016 Fantasy Flight Games Canadian National Championships, taking place September 9-11 at the Holiday Inn Yorkdale in Toronto, Canada and hosted by Lion Rampant.  We will be streaming a full, live coverage on both our Twitch and Youtube channels, focusing on bringing you as much of the elimination rounds as possible.  If you want to join us live at the event, tickets are still available.

Our coverage begins Friday at 12pm with the Swiss rounds of the X-Wing™ tournament.  This is the only event for which we may not be able to offer full commentary, as most of our regular talent is either playing in the event or helping to run it.  We will switch over to the Top 8 of the Warhammer 40:000: Conquest at 5:30pm.  Commentary will be provided by some of the regular members of The Tactical Squad, but we will also look at getting some of the top talent in the Canadian scene to contribute.

Saturday starts at 10:30am with the Top 32 for X-Wing™.  We’ll follow that tournament until it’s conclusion before joining the Top 8 of Star Wars™: Imperial Assault, already in progress.  That will probably happen between 6 and 7pm.

Sunday brings our first major conflict, as the Top 16 for A Game of Thones: The Card Game and the Top 8 for Android: Netrunner occur at the same time.  We will be following the Netrunner elimination rounds on our stream, starting at 11:30am, but we are working with a partner to try to provide coverage of Thrones on a different channel that may be familiar to some fans.  Our Netrunner commentary will feature some of the top players in Toronto but also a guest appearance from The Metropole Grid.

When the Netrunner finals conclude – between 5 and 6pm – we will try to bring you the first couple games of the Star Wars™: The Card Game Top 8 cut.  But, because Victor and I are such big fans, we will be ending our coverage with the Star Wars™: Armada finals at 7pm, provided we can find a good setup to film the large playfield.  It will be interesting to see if the North American Champion can repeat here.  I won’t be there to defend my title, not that Norm was particularly worried about that possibility.

We’ve published the full event schedule and our full stream schedule here on the site, if you want to make sure to mark your favourite event in your calendar.  In addition to live gameplay, we hope to bring you interviews with some of the players.

If I don’t see you in person at the event, I hope to see many of you in the stream chat on either Twitch or Youtube.

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