Congratulations 2016 Canadian Champions!

What a weekend! Congratulations to all the new Canadian Champions!  If you are curious about the results from all of those events, you can check out our 2016 FFG Canadian Nationals hub for all the standings.

This was the first time that Victor and I tackled an event of this scale, but I think our preparation paid off and we were able to provide some professional coverage of all the events from the 2016 FFG Canadian National Championships – even if we did have to call in some back-up in the form of Rob’s Gaming Table to cover A Game of Thrones: The Card Game.  The only final table that was not streamed live, unfortunately, was Star Wars: The Card Game, though we were able to broadcast two rounds of the Top 8 before cutting over to the Star Wars: Armada final table.

After spending a day recuperating, we are going to start working on cutting all the individual matches to post to YouTube from our local recordings.  That should make it easy for those that weren’t watching live to find the matches they want to enjoy at the highest quality we can provide.  We have 30+ hours of video, so it’s going to take us a while to work our way through the backlog.  The first match from the X-Wing Top 32 should go up tomorrow.

We also have a few livestreams coming up next weekend.  On Saturday, September 17th we will be streaming a Warhammer 40,000: Conquest Summer Kit tournament at 1:00PM EDT from 401 Games. We will be doubling up on Sunday, September 18th with a Android: Netrunner Summer Kit tournament, again at 1:00PM EDT from 401 Games.  For both those events we will be running without live commentary.  We are working on putting up a calendar of upcoming events so that you can see if there is anything you want to tune in for.

Although I tweeted out some thanks yesterday, I did want to use this forum for a fuller accounting of our gratitude.

To Lion Rampant and Derek, Mike and Richard – thank you for booking such a great venue and making sure that we would have the space to accommodate everyone that wanted to compete.  And then being there to help facilitate registration, scorekeeping and doing whatever needed to be done (including putting out 80 X-Wing mats provided by Ultimate Guard).  And thank you for putting your faith in the volunteers who offered to help make sure the weekend ran smoothly.

To the volunteers and TOs – Victor, Jon, Liz, Graham, Chris, Richard, Norm – this weekend would not have been possible without you.  All the events ran smoothly and we were able to accomodate well over 300 players over the course of three days.  Speaking of which …

To the players – A big part of why we started this channel was because we love the FFG player community.  And this weekend was a perfect example of why.  Thank you!  The high caliber of play was impressive, but the high level of sportsmanship on display was what truly stood out.  Hopefully, win or lose, this weekend was memorable for all participants.

To the commentators – Victor had lined up commentators for some events, but for others we had to invite tournament participants to join us on the mic.  I was delighted that, without fail, they were able to add of level of insight and fun to our broadcast.  Myself, Jon and Victor handled the duties for Conquest. Emily, Aaron, Mike and little George did a great job on X-Wing.  David & David stepped in at the last minute for Imperial Assault.  Adam, Mikhail, Terence and Dien took us through the Netrunner Top 8.  Rob St. John over at Rob’s Gaming Table took care of Game of Thrones while we had Netrunner on the main stream.  Jonathan from the Ion Control podcast and Claude (father of the eventual winner) were able to help us through two rounds of the Star Wars LCG.  And Victor and Norm were able to take us home with whispered coverage of the Armada final table.

And finally, to all our new viewers – thank you for tuning in to watch the events.  Hopefully you had as much fun watching as had putting it together.  Victor and I have big plans for the channel, so hopefully you’ll come back.  Reach out to us on twitter (@vttvlive) or email ( if you have any suggestions or requests for future content.

And now it’s time to sleep!



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