Star Wars: Destiny – Preview Event

Star Wars: Destiny

Once again we were able to get our YouTube videos online in a timely fashion, but we were late with the post on our website.  To help celebrate the launch of Star Wars: Destiny on December 1st, we posted a number of videos we recorded during the Preview Event that took place on November 19th at 401 Games, including a head-to-head pack opening, a teaching match between Travis and Victor, as well as two casual matches.

Head-to-Head Pack Opening

This was really an experiment in different types of content for the channel, but I got very lucky with my packs.

Teaching Match

Victor had played before at Canadian Nationals, but I walk him through the basics of the game – without making too many mistakes.

Casual Matches

In the first casual match of the day, I take on Chris in what turns out to be a very close game.

In the second match, Jon plays Lanny.

We tried a few new things with the videos from this event.  Please let us know if you’d like to see anything similar in the future – or if you’d just like to see more Star Wars: Destiny.

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