Star Wars: Imperial Assault – 2016 Toronto Regional

Star Wars: Imperial Assault

This year, VTTV was lucky enough to provide live coverage from the 2016 Star Wars: Imperial Assault Toronto Regional Championship from 401 Games on November 12th.  While we got the matches up on YouTube relatively quickly, I never got around to collecting them here.


In this quarter-finals match, 5th seed Dan’s Bantha Rider led his Mercenary forces into battle against 3rd seed Brent’s Bossk gang.  They are taking on the “To Your Stations!” mission on the ISB Headquarters map.


Brent advances to face 7th seed Taylor and his Bossk-led mercs in the semi-finals.  They are playing the “One Man’s Trash” mission on the Corsucant Landfill map.


For the 2016 Star Wars: Imperial Assault Toronto Regional Championship finals, we find ourselves in the Coruscant Landfill again as Taylor battles top see Andrew’s Imperials over the “Lair of the Dianoga”.

In Closing

I’d like to thank all the players who came out, particularly those that made the trip from out of town.  It was a pretty good tournament and Chris did a great job TOing.  Special thanks to David, Vijay, Chris, Brent and Nav who helped out with commentary.

If you are interested in seeing us cover more Star Wars: Imperial Assault events in the future, please let us know in the comments.


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