Star Wars: Destiny – Box Tournament 12/10/2016

Star Wars: Destiny

The first local Star Wars: Destiny tournament took play on December 10, 2016 at Face to Face Games Toronto and VTTV Live was there to cover it. The entry cost was $10 and folks that had pre-ordered a box in November were given free entry.  We had 17 entrants and played five rounds of swiss with 45-minute best-of-one rounds.   This was the first competitive event for these players and some of the first Destiny matches period, so please forgive the gameplay mistakes that were made.

Round 1

In our first match, Alex played his Rey / 2 Padawan deck against elite Vader and elite Kylo Ren.  Would his grandfather’s help lead Kylo to victory?

Round 2

For our second match, Jeff’s ambush heavy eHan/eRey deck tried to outpace John’s ePadme/2x Trooper mill deck.

Round 3

In this round, Jenna brought her eDooku/Bala-Tik/Stormtrooper up against Norm’s eVader/Raider.  The Vader-Raider combo dishes out a lot of damage, but can Dooku soak enough?

Round 4

In the fourth match, we have two players returning to the stream, as John’s Padme mill deck takes on Norm’s fearsome Vader-Raider combo.

Round 5

In the last match of the day, VTTV’s own Victor brings a slightly different ePadme/2x Trooper mill desk to match up against Jake’s eKylo/2x Nightsister aggro deck.  VTTV pride is on the line!


Congratulations to John Gobeil for winning the first Star Wars: Destiny tournament in Toronto.  I’m sure it won’t be the last.

Face to Games Toronto will be hosting their next Box Tournament on January 28th.  Entry will be $10 and full details can be found here: Face to Face also hosts tournaments on Monday evenings and open play on Wednesdays.

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