Android: Netrunner – 2016 Store Championship @ Face to Face Games

Android: Netrunner

On December 17th,  Face to Face Games Toronto hosted their 2016 Store Championship for Android: Netrunner. We were there to provide streaming coverage, featuring full commentary throughout. You can watch the whole stream here, but we’d highlighted most of the matches from the top 8 below. Unfortunately the recording failed for over 5 minutes of the winners semi-final match, so while it is available in the full stream, we don’t have it as an individual match.

Winners Final

Can Shane’s Whizzard deck prevent Luke from rushing out a win with his Haas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future deck?

Losers Final

Shane’s ETF deck already dropped Matthew’s Andy to the loser’s bracket.  Who will win the run back?

Grand Final

Whoever wins, we are going to have a first time Store Champion.  Luke only needs one victory with his Val deck, but a win for Matthew’s NEH will mean one more match.

Grand Final (Round 2)

Matthew is already 1-1 with Andromeda versus ETF in the Top 8.  Will his experience with the match-up allow him to come out on top of Luke’s ETF?


Congratulations to Matthew Genser for winning his first Android: Netrunner Store Championship.  Matthew went on to win a GNK tournament the next day to complete the weekend sweep in Toronto.  Special thanks to Adam Marostica, Sungho Lee for manning the mics throughout the day and Dien Tran, Victor and Mathew Kumar for stepping in to help commentate the Top 8 cut.

Face to Games Toronto has yet to announce their next Android: Netrunner Winter Kit tournament , but they do host a casual LCG night on Wednesdays.

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