X-Wing – 2017 Toronto Regional Championship

Back in January, Face to Face Games Toronto hosted the 2017 Toronto X-Wing Regional Championship.  Over 100 of the best X-Wing players came to Seneca College and Victor and I had the pleasure of streaming the entire event.  Special thanks to Mike for sacrificing his spot at the event to provide insightful commentary throughout the day.

It was a mad dash to get the venue set up, so unfortunately we weren’t able to capture the first round.

Swiss Round 2

It is a bit of a mirror match with Vijay piloting his RAC +Fel against Ben’s RAC + Ryad.

Swiss Round 3

Will the Attani Mindlink synergy of Tim’s Fenn Rau/Guri/Manaroo list be able to overcome Gus’ Chopper-anchored list.

Swiss Round 4

It’s all about the TIEs in Round 4. Rob flies his Ryad, Backdraft and Tomax Bren into Devon’s swarm, including a couple TIE Strikers.

Swiss Round 5

Billy puts his Ryad, Omega Leader + two Imperial Trainees up against Joe’s Miranda Doni supported by two Gold Squadron Pilots.

Swiss Round 6

Gus returns with his Chopper/Arvel list against Alan’s Carnor Jax/Inquisitor/Omega Leader line-up.

Top 16

Things start to get serious in the Top 16 as Don shows the power of bombs with his triple K-Wing build while Joe makes a repeat appearance with his Miranda/2x Gold Squadron list.


Lucas tries to show that Rebels can bring swarm two with a trio of Bandit Squadron Pilots alongside a Wild Space Fringer and Gold Squadron Pilot while Alan’s TIEs, including Carnor Jax, The Inquisitor and Omega Leader attempt to enforce Imperial dominance.


Don’s triple Warden Squadron Pilot bombers make a return appearance against Tom’s Dash/Norra list.


Tim’s Attanni Mindlink squadron with Guri, Manaroo and Fenn Rau try to outduel Tim’s resilient Dash/Norra list.



Congratulations to Tom for surviving a grueling day to win the 2017 Toronto X-Wing Regional Championship.

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